Reality Poet Vincent Pierce (image courtesy of Eric Fernandez)

OPEN DOORS Reality Poets 

Andres Molina

Ramon "Tito" Cruz
Vince Pierce
Sammy Reyes
LeVar "Var" Lawrence
Micah Harris
Suluk Johnson
Alhassan "El" Abdulfattaah

Reality Poet Sammy Reyes (image courtesy of Eric Fernandez)

S U P P O R T  T E A M

Jennilie Brewster, Project Lead
Dexter Ciprian, Communications Lead
Dani Reuben, Project Coordinator
Pavel Bez, Media Education

OPEN DOORS works in close collaboration with
NYC Health + Hospitals / Coler's
Department of Therapeutic Recreation.

Reality Poets Suluk Johnson and Alhassan "El" Abdulfattah (image courtesy of Eric Fernandez)

V I S I T I N G   A R T I S T S
+ A C T I V I S T S

Khadijah Abdurahman, independent researcher and local historian, 2019
Jenessa Abramswriter and editor, 2018
Joel François, spoken word artist, 2018 – 2019
Shaun Leonardo, performance artist and educator, 2018

Marlon Peterson, community organizer and criminal justice advocate, 2017 
Steven Willis, spoken word artist, 2017 – 2018
Alex Davis, youth organizer, 2017 
Alexa Smithwrick, podcaster, 2017 
David Tomas Martinez, poet, 2016

Reality Poet Andres "Jay" Molina (image courtesy of Eric Fernandez)


Hon. Patria Frias-Colón
Robert Colon
Ashley C. Ford
Vicky Lemont
Tapan Parikh
JR Randall

Lauren Blankstein
Andre Sulmers
Nkozi Tiewul

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