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OPEN DOORS is based at NYC Health & Hospitals/Coler on Roosevelt Island.


Jennilie Brewster, Co-Director

Dexter Ciprian, Co-Director

Cindy Lou Cuesta, Development Lead


Julian Voloj, graphic novel author, 2020

Jive Poetic, spoken word artist, 2020

Shawn Williams, theater director, 2019 – 2020

Khadijah Abdurahman, independent researcher and local historian, 2019

Joel François, spoken word artist, 2018 – 2019

Jenessa Abrams, writer and editor, 2018

Shaun Leonardo, performance artist and educator, 2018

Marlon Peterson, community organizer and criminal justice advocate, 2017

Steven Willis, spoken word artist, 2017 – 2018

Alex Davis, youth organizer, 2017

Alexa Smithwrick, podcaster, 2017

David Tomas Martinez, poet, 2016


Tapan Parikh, Chairperson

El Abdulfattaah, OPEN DOORS Member

Khadijah Abdurahman, Community Activist

Lauren BlanksteinArtist

Shirley "Bambi" Gray, NYC Health + Hospitals/Carter

Corey Greene + H.O.L.L.A! Youth Organizing Collective

Melanie Greenberg, Writer

Peter Patch, Advocate

Elias Williams, Photographer

Peter Yearwood, OPEN DOORS Member