Fall for the Arts Festival

mini "Martha Stuarts"

New York City is infamous for rainy and cloudy weather. Thankfully, the weather at the Fall for the Arts Festival was beautiful. The area we were painting in was filled with a whole bunch of artists with their own canvases. One of those other artists was Paulo. We have collaborated with him in the past for Figment Arts Festival. Our canvas was positioned in the sunlight. We wouldn't have been able to paint the canvas without the help of a group of girl scouts (the "mini Martha Stewarts") and a "Martha Stewart" group. They were very crafty, artistic, and masterful and were lead by OPEN DOORS advisor Lauren Blankstein. It felt like the whole community was helping us finish the painting. Everyone was working together; and that was very enjoyable. "They were able to make the painting look exactly like the picture I made."- Var To accomplish this they used a little bit of paint and different colors of tissue paper. They did an excellent job. We were there for two to three hours; all of them enjoyable.

the "Martha Stewarts"

The Final Product

Photoville Reflection: A Complete Success

For Photoville's opening day we took the bus. It was misty and rainy, but there was still a great turnout. Not every member was able to attend, but everyone's presence was felt because of the power of the exhibit. Initially, we were pretty skeptical. We weren't expecting a lot of people to come check out our container. But once we got in there we'd see a few people come in. Then another, then more came, coming in and out. People would come up to us and tell us how seeing our work had impacted them and made them feel. There were even people snapping photos of us from the top of the stairs. The whole experience had us feeling like superstars. The folks at Photoville made our experience even better. They provided us with shelter from the rain and food. The food was marvelous, especially the cheeseburger and french fries. We've had many cheeseburgers, but nothing like that. That shit hit different.

"I liked being able to impress people with the art I made. They saw that I don't have a lot of control of my arms and they'd question me about how I made the art. I enjoyed telling my story." - Var

The second time we went to Photoville we used Access-A-Ride to get there. It was a lot sunnier and there was an even greater turnout than opening day. The first day had us feeling like superstars, but this day was even bigger. Our exhibit was filled to the brim with people. In fact so many people were checking it out that we didn't even have room for our chairs to be inside of the shipping container! We even got to see some of the people that we saw on the first day come back and ask to take pictures with us. An exciting experience all around.

We took the ferry the rest of the days we went to Photoville. Each day was as fun and as inspiring as the last. BIG shout out to photographer Elias Williams for doing such an excellent job. The way Elias presented and designed the exhibit, it was more than we could have ever dreamed of! On each side of the walls were the portraits he took of us, Var's artwork right next to them, our written stories and poems, and audio recordings of us and our music. In the back was our banner and a TV showing some of Jay's video work. Because of Elias, the Photoville team, and everyone that came out, everyday was a success. Thank you all for showing the love!

Left to Right, Vince, Tito, Elias, Jay